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Paddles and Puppets for the Almonte Hospital

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Raft Race- Registration Information

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 Almonte Fairgrounds Beach

Event Description

The object of this event is to assemble a raft on the Almonte Fairgrounds site and, with a crew of four persons, paddle the raft across the river, cross an imaginary line between two buoys and return to the beach. Crews remain on the raft until at least one crewmember can touch the bottom. The crew disembarks and drags the raft onto the beach and across the finish line.  

Raft design specifications are available here.

Raft Races Schedule

            11 a.m.            Raft Build Begins

            2 p.m.              Raft Build Ends

            2 p.m.              Presentation awards for costumes and raft decoration

            2 p.m.              Raft races begin - heats

            4 p.m.              Raft finals

                                    Presentation of prizes to winners

To Register or to get additional information email:

Include the following information in the email:

Team captain’s name, organization, email address, phone #

We will send you additional information by return email.

Registration Opens:  Monday, April 2nd

Registration Closes: Monday, August 6th

Registration Fee: $100 - $40 due at time of registration


Teams may find sponsors to cover their registration fees and the cost of materials.


Fundraising is not required. However, we encourage crews to get pledges in support of the Almonte Hospital from family, friends etc. A pledge sheet is provided. This is a very important event for Almonte General Hospital. Crews and their build teams are encouraged to set a high goal for their fund raising efforts. There will be an award for the team that raises the most money.